JAMY ECO CITY  has the biggest Foreign investment together with Bangladesh’s. It has been established in 2010 to supplement the scope of public sector housing project in advanced habitation manner. Over the years we have seen that residential buildings of our cities and towns gets constriction and ruins within a short time after construction of building and habitation  and remains unfit for habitation. The primary objective of JAMY ECO CITY is to create an environment of excellent super modern residential housing system with close proximity to micro city. Our aim is to create modern satellite micro-city with all advanced modern facilities such as green environment , clean communication , health, sanitation, education, security, religious practices etc. for the  class people so that this pollution free micro-city full of greenness become an ideal place for habitation. The micro-city plan has been developed using GIS (Geographical Information System), which is a most  modern technology to develop real JAMY ECO CITY.