Mission of JAMY ECO CITY :

  • To provide best green environmental residential  micro-Eco-city nearby the capital city DHAKA of Bangladesh.
  • To provide best and reproductive safe and sound investment of local and foreign currency earned by the citizens of beloved Bangladesh.
  • To provide best of most advanced Real Estate services to the people who deserves in Bangladesh.
  • To provide highest ethical employment opportunity through this habitat or JAMY ECO CITY.
  • To provide best confidence to the clients as well as to their offspring’s .
  • JAMY ECO CITY is committed to excellence in providing services to its clients in the field of real estate business in Bangladesh.


Vision of JAMY ECO CITY :

  • JAMY ECO CITY started its operation in the year 2010 with  visions to provide the prospective citizens of Bangladesh to get a dream land nearby capital city Dhaka of Bangladesh.
  • JAMY ECO CITY is devoted for the peoples who deserves dream land for their future habitat with trust,transparency,honesty and progressive attitude .